In determining the cost of services, Lamasoo has always looked at pricing based on value proposition and profitability for the customer. Therefore, there has always been an attempt to strike a balance between the value provided to customers and the cost incurred by them. In this model, Lamasoo will achieve customer satisfaction based on the type of payment.

Lamasoo’s basic approach to pricing has been paying attention to Pay-as-You-Go logic. This attitude, given the demands of the tourism industry, has led to the design of Lamasoo pricing structures. The two main methods of charging Lamasoo services are function-based payment (based on the transaction) and subscription fee.

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First Method

Cost Per Transaction

In this method, the basis for calculating the cost of Lamasoo’s services is the amount of customer’s usage from Lamasoo’s services, that is, after each transaction, and based on the cost of the transaction, the Lamasoo commission will be calculated and paid.

Second Method

Subscription Fee

In this method, based on the number of rooms and hotel grade (number of stars) for hotels, and the number of monthly transactions for agencies, a monthly subscription fee is determined to use Lamasoo’s services for Lamasoo’s customers, and a monthly fee is charged to them.