About Us

One of the most important requirements for the growth of the tourism industry is appropriate accommodation services. Travelers should be able to find suitable accommodation directly or through travel agencies. In   current context of information technology growth, this has become even more important. Having information on booking accommodation is the Bargaining Chip of any travel agency. On the other hand, the occupancy rate of their rooms will decrease if they are not able to make their room information available to a wide range of customers.

Providing a service which connects two aspects of the tourism industry will develop a good added value. Today, various companies offer these services internationally. At the same time, smaller companies have sprung up in each country, extending the chain of these services and facilitating the access of domestic agencies and hotels to international networks.

Lamasoo has entered the field with the aim of creating a service that is not similar to the domestic one and with a vision of guarantying the possibility of business development, and intends to connect all domestic hotels to its core on the one side, and on the other side, provide services to travel agencies will enable them to provide desirable services to tourists by accessing this large amount of hotels.

Lamasoo’s solution is to use all-online communication solutions, which are urgently a necessity   in the current tourism environment of the country. By using this solution, the activity of human resources is minimized, which increases the accuracy and speed, while reducing the workload of staff. Accordingly, Lamasoo’s design began in 2016. Since then, Lamasoo has developed a number of solutions to improve communication practices in   tourism industry by developing the appropriate infrastructure for the accommodation and sales centers and expanding its activities.